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D. Key Definitions
Project Period Goal:
An outcome statement defining what the program intends to accomplish over the five year project period.
! Should be written so that the desired outcome is clear.
! Should be SMART (see definition on next page), short, concise, free of jargon, and easily understood
! Include at least 1 outcome indicator (see definition below).
Long Term Impact or Outcome:
A statement describing the intended effect or result if the project period goal is achieved.
Long Term Indicator:
Standard(s) developed to assess progress towards achieving project period goals.
Annual Objective:
Precise, time-based, and measurable actions that support the completion of
a project period goal.
! The objective should cover one budget year.
! Up to 5 annual objectives may be written for each project period goal
! Should be S.M.A.R.T., short, concise, free of jargon, and easily understood
S = Specific: an objective should be precise and should focus on a single result. A specific objective answers the questions, “who,
what, where, and how?”
M = Measurable: an objective should include specific criteria or measures that indicate whether the objective has been met. A good
measure answers the question, “How will we know if we have accomplished the objective?
A = Achievable: an objective should be attainable and within the center’s or program’s reach.
R = Realistic: an objective should be realizable given the time, resources, and activities proposed and available.
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