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The Incident Report is a kind of document prepared by the police or the security agencies to provide details of the incident that occurred. It will be the further source of information for the event. As we all know that you may not be able to control the situation when an incident occurs, while you can control the efficiency and effectiveness of the recovery process in the next step. By using our incident report template, you can quickly investigate the following information: 5Ws and 1H, that is to say, who, what, where, when, why and how. Whoever in interested in this document can download it from our website for free.

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Incident Report Template
Note that the club or association that you are officiating with may have their own incident reporting forms and processes.
Name and role of person completing this form:
Signature of person completing this form:
Date and time of incident:
Name/s of person/s involved in the incident and their clubs/associations:
Description of incident:
Witnesses (include contact details):
Reporting of the incident to club/association
Incident Reported to: Date:
How (this form, in person, email, phone):
Follow Up Action
Description of actions to be taken:
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Incident Report Template
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