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Minutes from the Informal stakeholders Meeting
with the Urban Mobility unit from the European
October 2015, European Commission, Brussels
Present: Polis, Eurocities, EMTA, CEMR, EMTA, ICLEI
EC: AFI Directive Unit, ITS Directive Unit, Clean vehicle Unit, Road Safety Unit.
Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans
The Urban Mobility Package end of 2013 tried to give a push to the SUMP process by adding annex
with summary on how SUMP should be developed and what they should contain. It’s a summary of a
much more extensive guide published in 2013 and republished in 2014
to support cities developing
The EC set up a platform on SUMP with also an internal working group. It collects 12 EU co-financing
projects that are related to SUMP, including Civitas Projects, Endurance, Solutions… They now try to
exploit synergies and address common gaps and barriers, to further feed in the Eltis portal which act
as a one-stop-shop for SUMPs.
Attention was made to the Endurance project which trained 400 people from 50 cities on SUMPs last
year. The EC also organize twice a year a conference on SUMPs. It started in June 2014 in Poland
, in
Romania in 2015
. Next meeting in Bremen, Germany, on April 2016
The EC also set up an expert group on urban mobility, representatives of Member States, meeting
twice a year. This group aims at giving national experts the tools to support their cities. Two meetings
were held already. During the second meeting, there was some political perspective by Karima Delli,
and specific presentations and in-depth discussion on urban area, including cycling (ECF), national
strategy for cycling (AustriaTech) and car-sharing example in The Netherlands. Work was also made on
how some countries pull together tools to implement SUMPs. Presentation from Spain, which
introduced conditionality for funding based on the development of SUMPs; also Bremen presented
how they did some leverage on national guidance for implementing SUMPs nation-wide. The next
meeting will be in November, date remaining to be confirmed.
Informal Minutes On Urban Mobility
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