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This Interest Letter from Student is an interest letter a undergraduate student writes to show his interest in a company which made a presentation in his school. It can be helpful for a fresh graduate. It consists of four paragraphs, the interest in the first paragraph, the qualifications in the second, contact information in the third and thank you in the final, which is a typical structure of an interest letter. You can download this sample and modify based on your conditions.

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Dear Mr. Green,
I will receive my Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts
Institute of Technology this May. A recruiter from Dallas Polymer gave a presentation to
engineers in my graduating class, and I was very impressed. I am interested in applying for the
production engineer position in your manufacturing department.
As one of my engineering electives, I took Polymer Science and finished at the top of my class. I
am fascinated by the integration of engineering and chemistry used in your cutting-edge plastics
production. Last summer, I completed an internship with Plas-Tech Incorporated as a process
engineer. I developed a solid foundation in the polymer industry and an understanding of how to
optimize the profitability of capital projects.
I look forward to hearing more about this opportunity at Dallas Polymer. I am excited to pursue
a career with your company and would like to demonstrate how I am an ideal candidate for this
position. Please call me at (617) 555-3333 or email me at [email protected]
Thank you for your consideration.
Ellen Jones
Interest Letter from Student
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