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(To be issued on letter head of Company/PCS)
Completion Certificate of 15 months/ 12 months/ 24 months/ 36 months Training
I, ___________________________________ Company Secretary (or
Practicing Company Secretary) of_____________________________________________
do hereby certify that Mr./ Ms. _________________________Student Registration No.
________________________ has completed the prescribed training as sponsored by the
Institute of Company Secretaries of India, vide their letter No.
___________________________ dated__________________under our organization for a
period of ___________ Months from __________ to ________________ and his/her
progress was satisfactory.
I, further certify that during the above mentioned period he/she was not given any leave/given
leave for _______ days.
Place :
Date : Company Secretary (or Practicing Company Secretary)
Signature & Stamp:-
(Company Secretary/HR Head/ Director)
Internship Training Certificate Template
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