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Investment Proposal – Template
General comments
In your investment proposal you should describe how you will implement your proposal and how
you intend to run your business, once set up. In other words, relay the Vision and Implementation
strategy you have of your investment proposal. Therefore, you should provide a clear answer to at
least the following questions:
1. Who are you?
2. What are you going to sell (Product mix definition)?
3. How are you going to deliver it?
4. What is your implementation plan (Feasibility – Marketing strategy)?
5. How much money will the business make (Financial projections)?
6. How much money do you need? What for exactly?
7. What is a realistic timetable of the implementation of your business proposal?
Your investment proposal should allow investors to quickly evaluate the potential of your business
and decide whether to look into more detail at your investment proposal.
There is no ideal length for this document however we would expect an average size of 5-10 pages
overall during this stage.
As you complete this document, if you have any questions feel free to contact the
organizing committee.
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Investment Proposal Template
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