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This section should include a detailed description of the day to day running of the business from the
perspective of physical, financial and human resources required.
Section 4: How will you implement your plan? (Feasibility – Marketing strategy)
Now that you described what you want to do, you need to show how you plan to deliver your
proposal, and create returns for the investors.
Once you have finished the plan, review the following questions to make sure that you are
comfortable with the activities you are planning to carry out.
How aggressive is this plan?
Is the timeframe realistic?
This is a critical section, since it will provide the investors with the information to decide whether what
you are proposing is realistic. This is your chance to show that you can project manage the delivery of
the investment.
Section 5: How much money will the business make? (Financial projections)
In completing this section you should cover the following:
a. Once you start the project, how long will it take before you start making?
b. Once you start making sales, what will your annual sales be?
a. What are the costs that you will incur? Try to think of every cost that you may have to cover.
b. How will this change as you sales increase?
Section 6: How much money do you need?
This is an investment proposal that will be submitted to the 11
International Venture Capital and
Private Equity Forum. This means that it will be reviewed by Venture Capital and Private Equity
In this section you should describe how much money you expect from an investor, what share of the
business you are willing to give and why you believe that a venture capital or a private equity fund is
the most suitable solution for your case.
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