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Investment Proposal
An enhanced experience with STANLIB
Earlier this year STANLIB embarked on an exciting journey to enhance the client and nancial adviser experience. We’ve
relooked our business processes and touch points and have introduced a number of initiatives making dealing with
STANLIB simpler, easier and more seamless. These initiatives included the launch of the new STANLIB website – www. as well as the introduction of STANLIB Mobile, our solution for advisers wanting information on-the-go.
Professional support at point of sale
In our quest to further enhance the experience and to provide you with the necessary tools, relevant information
and support in the sales process, we are pleased to launch the new STANLIB Investment Proposal. The new STANLIB
Investment Proposal is a fantastic sales tool that can greatly assist you in the sales process. The proposal reinforces
STANLIB’s brand positioning. The document has been designed with the end client in mind by using graphical
illustrations and easy to understand terminology to explain the investment and to disclose the various charges
and conditions associated with the investment. With the increased focus in the industry on customer protection
and upfront disclosure we are condent that the STANLIB Investment Proposal will address clients’ concerns and
questions, while at the same time portray STANLIB in a positive and professional manner.
Thank you for considering STANLIB for your investments.
We are pleased to provide you with a proposal for investment into the STANLIB Range of investment and retirement products. This proposal has
been constructed by your financial adviser in accordance with your financial needs and investment objectives. This proposal is a summary of your
investment, the charges, your fund selection and asset allocation
Investment Summary
Please note the STANLIB initial fee has been spread over 24 months. Your spread fee would be R 463.13 over 24 months
Allocation of net investment amount
Please refer to important Asset Allocation notes
Initial Lump Sum investment amount
Less: Financial Adviser Charges (Incl. VAT)
Less: STANLIB Initial Charges (Incl. VAT)
Net investment amount R
Fund Allocation
Asset Allocation
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Investment Proposal
Miss Anna Van Wyk
20 October 2010
Classic Investment Plan
Andre Liddle
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Investment Proposal
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