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International Student and Scholar Services
Office of Internationalization, University of Denver
2200 S. Josephine St., Denver, CO 80208
Phone (303) 871-4912 Fax (303) 871-4910
Inviting Family Members to Visit You in the U.S.
Beginning summer 2011, International Student and Scholar Services will no longer issue invitation letters for
family members intending to visit students in the U.S. According to guidance from the U.S. Department of
State, an invitation letter from the University of Denver is not needed for your relatives to apply for a visitor’s
visa. For specific instructions regarding what is needed for the B-1/B-2 visa, please refer your family member
to the website of the embassy/consulate where they will apply for the visa.
Writing Your Own Invitation Letter
As a student in F-1/J-1 status, you may write your own invitation letters for family members. Your letter should
confirm that you are a DU student and you would like to invite your family member to visit you in the U.S.
You should also include your family member’s name, birth date, relationship to you, passport number, and
whether you will provide for their room and board during their visit.
In addition, you can request an enrollment letter from the Registrar’s office to accompany your invitation letter.
To request enrollment verification from the Registrar’s office, please take these steps:
1. Login to webCentral,
2. Click myWeb tab,
3. Click on Student and Financial Aid -> Student Records -> Request Enrollment Verification.
After the request is processed you will be sent an email within 1 to 2 business days with the verification
document attached. For additional information regarding enrollment verification, please see the Registrar’s
website at
Additional Documentation
Depending on the U.S. embassy/consulate that your relative(s) will visit, other documentation may be required.
This can include planned itineraries or schedules, family registers and/or photos evidencing relationship, copies
of your passport, etc. Be sure to visit the particular embassy or consulate website for a full list of required
You can locate the websites for all embassies and consulates at this link:
Whenever possible, original letters should be sent to relatives abroad to accompany their visa applications.
Sample Invitation Letter
Please see below for a sample invitation letter.
Be sure to replace any bolded/highlighted text with information relevant to your visitor.
Invitation Letter
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