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Tim Kostyk
1401 E. Windsor Ave.
Phoenix, Az 85006
Home (602) 264-1947
Mobile (602) 810-0322
Executive Summary
A seasoned professional senior level Director of Enterprise Architect possessing 16 years of IT experience with a
concentration on Enterprise and Business Transformation Architecture for the last 10 years. A patented and
published individual whose work illustrates solid business acumens coupled with insight and the ability to ascertain
and analyze social, cultural and business needs, define strategic technical vision, forecast goals, streamline technical
operations that lead to successful delivery and demonstrated business results. It is important to note that while truly a
leader with deep analytical capabilities that these skills were acquired through real life, down in the trenches
experience starting with the fundamental foundations of desktop support, progressing through infrastructure related
engineering and architectural positions into the complex nature of Enterprise Architecture Integration and finally
Enterprise Architecture and Business Transformation Architecture. Each step of career growth has been achieved
through hands-on, make it happenexperience which instills a sense of risk management of actions by knowing
possible outcomes. The powerful combination of consulting and non-consulting positions illustrates the knowledge
of the fundamentals of many businesses. The chain of continuous business and professional achievements were
obtained through the leadership and management of complex business and technology based architectural activities
while maintaining measurable high standards of quality. A truly collaborative and focused individual that has
successful experience in the development and education of peers, superiors and subordinates through thought
leadership, innovative practices and industry best practices that is well grounded in practical experience. This
collaborative spirit comes from a true feeling of liking to interact and work with individuals in a harmonious and
communal setting while assessing how to manage conflict should it arise. I possess solid and proven
communication and interpersonal skills which I utilize as the foundation to effectively lead and negotiate with many
diverse professionals to achieve desired business results. I possess a high level of proficiency in team management,
and leadership through times of change; both cultural and organizational. I’m highly skilled at delivering
architectural designs (both technical and business) and their solutions encompassing diverse technologies to connect
business intent through multiple social networks to meet or exceed business expectations with a comprehensive
understanding of a myriad of industry verticals, their integrated business and social networks, vendors and
organizational/cultural differences.
Areas of Expertise
Executive Level Organization and Management - Create, manage and collaborate with executives in order to
successfully bridge different parts of the business and IT organization to achieve successful results
Leadership & Organizational ChangeAsses the role of leadership in dealing with culture and (2) help
facilitate and lead the roadmap that effectively leads to positive change within the organization.
Business Transformation – Facilitate change driven by mapping business intent to technology capabilities
through the assessment of customers, strategies and compliance/regulatory/governance requirements within the
cultural framework of an organization.
Developing Strategic Partnerships - Create strategic partnerships from within the organization as well as with
vendors in order to achieve positive business and IT results for their best capabilities and assistance
Financial Management, Expense Control - Manage fiscal responsibilities in order to balance the needs of the
business, technologies and requirements that are measurable in order to achieve financial success
Staff Development, Team Leadership - Create and foster a unique 'team spirit' that brings together people into
a cohesive group by proactive leadership and demonstrating solid team strategies and positive relations
Training and EducationPlan, Develop, and provide training and staff development programs. Coordinate,
create and establish courses which are technically and professionally focused.
Productivity Improvements - Realize significant improvements and efficiencies by performing in-depth team
management and pro-active processes, technology based analysis and code reviews to maximize productivity
Technology and Innovation Analysis - Analyze current business objectives and capabilities through the use of
proven tools architectural blueprinting tools; then create and lead strategic vision that leverages new and
existing technologies through innovative use of implementable in-house or commercially available solutions.
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