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Ideas for Jeopardy
1. If you are doing a study of suffixes and prefixes, place that suffix
or prefix at the top of the board in the column label section. Un-
der the words, put the definition of words that contain the suffix
or prefix.
2. In a study of states and regions, or continents, label each column
with a region or continent, then have the questions regarding
those under the money values.
3. As a review of animal kingdoms, have each label with one of the
kingdoms and questions regarding each under their appropriate
4. You could label each column with a Bible story and include
questions regarding them under their appropriate labels.
5. You can make two copies of this board and cut the boxes out
and tape them onto the other board as flaps so that the student
cant see the question until they call out the column and value.
Ill take What is a mammal? for $500. They should answer the
question as a question too. For instance, What is a lion? if lion
happened to be the answer to the question you asked.
Hope there are some wonderful ideas that you come up in using
this board. Have fun!
Tamra Monroe
Jeopardy Board Blank
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