Download Jeopardy Powerpoint Template With Sound for Free

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Usage Guidelines for Jeopardy PowerPoint Game
Game Setup
Right now, Click File > Save As, and save this template with a different file name. This
will keep the template untouched, so you can use it next time!
Scroll through the presentation and enter the answers (which are really the questions)
and the questions (which are really the answers).
Enter in the five category names on the main game board (Slide 4).
Game Play
Open 2
Slide, let the sound play. Click to 3
Slide, let the sound play. Click to 4
and show students the Game Board
As you play the game, click on the YELLOW DOLLAR AMOUNT that the contestant
calls, not the surrounding box.
When the student answers, click anywhere on the screen to see the correct answer.
Keep track of which questions have already been picked by printing out the game board
screen (Slide 4) and checking off as you go.
Click on the “House / Home Icon” box to return to the main scoreboard.
Final Jeopardy – Go to Slide 3 and click “Final Jeopardy” button in the bottom right
corner, click again for the Question, click again for final jeopardy sound, When that is
finished playing click again for the answer slide.
Jeopardy Powerpoint Template With Sound
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