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The letter
The following letter is an example of a cover
letter you could send in response to the job
Westfords Ltd had advertised.
Your addressMr Knight
Westfords Ltd
eet Phone number500 Sample Str
Sample Town
Dear Mr Knight
I would like to apply for the job of IT Support Officer which was advertised in today’s
For the past four years I have worked in IT with Brown’s. As the company is moving
to another part of the country, I will be made redundant in two weeks’ time.
My present job involves various IT duties in person and by phone. I also:
• dealwithITqueries
• handleincomingcalls
• handleincomingandoutgoingpost
• orderprinterconsumables.
Before this job I was a trainee with Brightson’s (Solicitors) in North Street, Invertown
and completed RSA I and II in Business Administration and have various Microsoft
package experience.
I have always enjoyed working with people and think my previous experience will
allow me to work as part of the team and to be an effective representative of
your company.
I am available for interview at any time and could start work immediately. You can ask
for references from my present and previous employers.
Please find enclosed a copy of my CV for more information.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely
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