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This Job Offer Rejection Letter Sample is a letter that a candidate writes to reject a job offer from a company. It's common that a candidate applies for more than one position at once. When you get the offer from more than one company, a rejection letter can show your sincerity. It also contributes to the communication and cooperation in the future. This template offers a good example. If you also need a rejection letter like this, you can download to modify.

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1211 Dickinson Drive
Coral Gables, FL 33146
September 21, 2006
Ms. Jackie Jones
Vice President for Human Resources
Gleeman Sachs
Address 2
New York, NY 20012
Dear Ms. Jones:
Thank you for offering me the position of Financial Analyst with Gleeman Sachs. I
appreciate your willingness to discuss the details of the position with me and give me
time to consider your offer. It was a difficult decision to make; however, I have accepted
a position with another company.
You have a great organization and many aspects of the position are very appealing. I
appreciate your consideration throughout the interview process and also enjoyed
learning more about Gleeman Sachs.
Thanks again for taking the time to consider my candidacy. It was a pleasure meeting
you and your staff.
Donte Williams
Donte Williams
Job Offer Rejection Letter Sample
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