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With seventeen items composing into the main body of the contract, this Kentucky Offer Acceptance and Real Estate Sale and Purchase Contract Form also has several parts which make this template completed. These additional parts include Seller's Acceptance of Buyers' Offer, Seller's Rejection of Buyers' Offer, Seller's Rejection and Counter-Offer, and Buyer's Acceptance of Seller's Counter-Offer. If you are in need of this template, you can download it from our website for free.

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Adopted Kentucky Assoc. REALTORS® 9/02
The Kentucky Association of REALTORS®
This is a legally binding document. If you do not fully understand the terms of this Contract, you are advised
to see an attorney. For use only by members of the Kentucky Association of REALTORS
The undersigned Buyer(s) ("Buyer")
offers to purchase from the Seller(s) ("Seller"),
the following described property with all improvements, known as
and further described in Deed Book ___ Page ___, County of __________, State of Kentucky (the “Property”).
1. PURCHASE PRICE: The purchase price for the Property shall be __________________________ Dollars
($______________) payable as follows:
A. $______________Earnest Money Deposit received, to be held by ______ broker (See Paragraph 3).
B. $______________Additional cash at closing
C. $______________Total down payment (Line A. plus Line B.)
D. $______________Amount to be financed/loan balance to be assumed
E. $______________TOTAL PURCHASE PRICE (Line C. plus line D.)
2. MORTGAGE: Within ______ business days from acceptance, Buyer agrees to apply for and use Buyer's
best efforts to obtain a mortgage loan for a term not less than ______ years, with interest not to exceed
_______% per annum with payments, including principal and interest, not to exceed $__________ per month
excluding taxes and insurance, if applicable. If a loan commitment is not obtained in _____ days, this Contract
shall be null and void at Seller's option.
3. EARNEST MONEY: Buyer, as evidence of good faith, hereby deposits the sum of $____________ with the
____________ broker, which sum shall be applied to the purchase price upon the closing of this transaction. If
this offer is not accepted by Seller, or in the event the mortgage loan or assumption described in Paragraph 2
cannot be obtained, or the title of Seller is not marketable, the earnest money shall be returned to Buyer. If
Buyer defaults in any of Buyer's obligations hereunder, all sums paid may be retained by Seller without
affecting any of Seller's further remedies and the earnest money shall be distributed in accordance with KRS
4. PROPERTY INCLUDED: The Property shall include the land, together with all improvements thereon, all
appurtenant rights, privileges, easements, fixtures and all of the following items if they are now located on the
real estate and used in connection therewith: electrical, plumbing, HVAC, bathroom fixtures, shades, venetian
blinds, awnings, curtain/drapery/traverse rods, window and door screens, storm windows and doors; shrubbery
and landscaping, affixed mirrors and floor covering, wall-to-wall and stair carpeting, garage door openers or
operating devices, built-in appliances, and all affixed or built-in furniture and fixtures, and utility or storage
buildings or sheds. ALSO INCLUDED in the sale of the property are the following items of personalty:
The following items of personalty are EXCLUDED from this transaction:_______________________________
5. INSPECTIONS AND RESCISSION: Buyer shall have _____ days from the date of this Contract to conduct
any and all inspections at Buyer's expense as Buyer deems appropriate (the “Inspection Period”). If a termite
inspection is required, the cost of the termite inspection shall be paid by the Buyer/Seller (choose one). Buyer
may rescind this Contract at any time prior to ____ days following the Inspection Period. If this Contract is not
rescinded according to this section, the Buyer, having had an opportunity to fully inspect the Property, agrees
that Buyer is acquiring the Property "AS IS." Should Buyer demand in writing, prior to termination of Buyer's
right to rescind, that Seller make repairs or otherwise amend this Contract as a result of information disclosed
by any timely inspection, Seller shall have the option of agreeing to Buyer's terms or rescinding this Contract.
Buyers’ Initials: _____ _____ Date/Time: ____________ Sellers’ Initials: _____ _____ Date/Time:____________
Kentucky Offer, Acceptance, and Real Estate Sale and Purchase Contract Form
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