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Land Lease Agreement is a legal document written between a lessor and a lessee. This file declares that it is a sample document for reference purposes only and should not be used as a model. However, if your purpose is quite to fit into the purposes mentioned in the file, you can download the file and verify it to be yours.

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PPP in Infrastructure Resource Center for Contracts, Laws and Regulations (PPPIRC) Reviewed: Mark M. Moseley, LEGPS September 2007
10. Lessee Compliance with [country] Laws. Without limiting the general requirements
under [country] law, Lessee while using the Site shall ensure, during the Initial Term
and the Additional Term the following:
10.1. Compliance with the laws and regulations on hygiene.
10.2. Compliance with the laws and regulations on environmental protection and
10.3. Compliance with the laws and regulations on fire, explosion prevention and fire
11. Lessee Undertakings
11.1. Lessee undertakes to maintain the Site in good condition at Lessee's own risks
and expense and to keep all Lessee's belongings inside the Site at all time
during the Initial Term and the Additional Term of this Lease.
11.2. Lessee undertakes to procure and maintain insurance covering any damages
occurring within the Site to third parties and its personal property from fire and
other risks, or as required under applicable law or the PPA.
11.3. Lessee undertakes that there will be no illegal or prohibited matters, objects,
substances materials, products and/or the like allowed to operate,
manufactured or held inside the Site.
11.4. Lessee agrees that the rights under this Agreement shall not be transferred to
any third party by any means without written approval from Lessor except as
permitted under the PPA.
11.5. Lessee shall return the Site to Lessor upon termination of the Agreement in
good condition.
11.6. In the event of termination of the Lease under Article 16 and 17 hereof, Lessee
shall within thirty (30) business days following the termination date with which
to remove all property and fixtures belonging to Lessee from the Site.
12. Taxes. Lessor agrees to be responsible for payment of any and all taxes or fees
levied by applicable laws, or any organ or agency of the [government], arising from the
lease of the Site, including the lease tax. Should Lessor fail to pay this lease tax and
the Government holds Lessee responsible for paying such tax, Lessee shall have the
right to deduct the amount of the tax from the next lease payment or payments.
Lessee shall provide written notice to Lessor prior to making such deduction. Lessee
agrees to be responsible for payment of any and all taxes arising from Lessee’s
operation of the power plant on the Site, such as sales or turnover tax.
13. Lessor’s Access to Site. Lessor, Lessor’s agents and employees shall have no right
of entry onto the Site, except as provided by applicable laws or pursuant to the
provision of the PPA, during the Initial Term and the Additional Term of the Lease
Agreement Without prior written consent of Lessee.
14. Property of Buildings Erected by Lessee. Subject to the terms of the PPA, the
erected buildings and all works and developments carried out by Lessee or its legal
successors will remain the property of Lessee to the extent permitted by law, during
the Initial Term, and during any extensions.
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