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Landlord Reference Letter includes two parts. Part one tells you how to write a landlord reference letter for your tenant; while part two is a landlord reference letter sample. The first section describes the details that the landlord reference letter should include. And the sample in the second section just guides you to write your own letter. You can verify the sample according to your demands.

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How to Write a Landlord Reference Letter
for Your Tenant - Sample and Example
Do you need to write a landlord reference letter for your tenant? Our free sample and example below will
show you what are the important ingredients for a tenant reference letter and how to save time when
writing your recommendations.
What Details Should You Include When Writing Your Landlord Reference Letter?
1. Does your tenant always pay his rent on time?
2. If your tenant has been late in his rent payments, does it happen rarely or do you have to chase him for
it every month?
3. If your tenant is responsible for paying the utility bills, does he pay it on time?
4. Does your tenant get along well with his neighbours?
5. If there has been any complaints from the neighbours, does your tenant settle the problem peacefully
or do they have call in the SWAT team?
6. Have your tenants been polite and understanding when dealing with you or have they been demanding
and unreasonable?
7. Does your tenant keep your property reasonably clean and tidy?
8. Does your tenant maintain the furniture and appliances in good condition?
9. If the furniture and appliances needed any major repairs, was it due to daily wear or it was caused
abuse and neglect by your tenants
10. Have your tenants been polite and understanding when dealing with you or have they been
demanding and unreasonable?
11. If your tenant kept pets, were their pets well-behaved angels or living terrors?
12. Will you rent out your rental property to the same tenant again?
Before writing your tenant reference letter, it's vital to have a basic understanding of the landlord tenant
Landlord Reference Letter
This landlord reference letter is to verify tenancy of [Your Tenants' Names] and their two children in
[Address of Your Rental Property]. Their last monthly rent was $[Rental Amount] that was paid on time on
[Date of Payment].
They have been our tenant since [Date of Tenancy] and have been responsible and timely in their rent
payments which is due the first day of each month. There was only one late charge and it was paid within
5 days of default without any reminder from us.
There has been no complaints from their neighbours and they have kept the unit and its surrounding area
clean and tidy. We will refund their security deposit of $[Deposit Amount] within 14 days of their move out
Landlord Reference Letter
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