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R COMPANY Cardinal Scale Mfg Co
O ADDRESS 203 E. Daugherty
M CITY Webb City STATE MO. ZIP 64870
TELEPHONE 417-673-4631 TELEX 417-673-5001
Following are the particular details we wish to have included in your documentary Letter of Credit, issued in reply to our Pro Forma invoice
number __________________________________________dated_____________________________________.
Please instruct your bank to open and issue this credit in accordance with the following terms and subject to the Uniform Customs and
Practice for Documentary Credits, International Chamber of Commerce Publication 500 (revision currently in force).
We have made every effort in these instructions to provide you with terms that can be easily accommodated. If you or your bank are
unable to comply with these terms and conditions please consult with our offices prior to the issuance of the credit to avoid delay or non-
shipment. Thank you for your cooperation.
1. This Letter of Credit shall be irrevocable.
2. This Letter of Credit shall be advised by: UMB Bank, n.a., International Department
1010 Grand Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64106 USA
P.O. BOX 419226, Kansas City, MO 64141-6226
Telex: 6875032 UMNBK UW
3. The credit shall be payable at the counters of the negotiating bank in the U.S.A.
4. The credit shall show as beneficiary: Cardinal Scale Mfg Co
203 E. Daugherty
Webb City, MO. 64870
5. The credit shall be payable in USD$, in the amount not to exceed ___________________________________________
6. The credit shall be payable
at sight
______________ days from sight
_____________ days from transport document date
upon presentation at the counters of the bank stated in item #3 above.
7. The Letter of Credit shall not be transferable
8. The credit shall show that all banking charges incurred outside the beneficiary’s country are for the account of the
9. Partial shipments
are allowed are prohibited
10. Transshipments
are allowed are prohibited
11. The credit shall allow for required transport documents dated no later than ___________________________.
12. The credit shall allow for a minimum of ___TEN (10)____ days after the required transport document date for presentation of documents
at the counters of the bank stated in item #3.
13. The required documents should include:
Commercial Invoice total FAS FCA FOB CFR CIF_____________________________.
(named point)
Commercial Invoice shall cover Merchandise as described in Pro Forma Invoice no. ________________
or the following: (give brief description of goods)
Packing List
Insurance Certificate showing insurance provided by seller in the amount of ______________________________.
Air Waybill Combined Transport Document Marine Bill of Lading
Consigned to: __________________________________________________________________________
Consigned to the order __________________________________________________________________
Bill of Lading
shall be marked need not be marked on board”
Transport document to be marked
freight prepaid freight collect
Shipping documents required shall show as origin _________________________________________________
and as the destination_________________________________________________________________________.
Other required documents: _____________________________________________________________________
Letter of Credit Instructions
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