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Sample Letter of Inquiry
The Virtual Community Group, Inc.
17 Park Road
Rural Town, NH
July 1, 1995
Jane Smith, Executive Director
Xavier Foundation
555 S. Smith St.
Washington, D.C. 22222
Dear Ms. Smith,
I am writing to inquire whether the Xavier Foundation would invite a proposal from the
Virtual Community Group, Inc., requesting an investment of $50,000 per year over two
years to support our Enterprise 2000 initiative. This grant would provide part of the funds
needed for us to train at least 1200 low-income entrepreneurs in rural New Hampshire in
the computer skills they need to create sustainable businesses as we enter the twenty-first
century. Your literature indicates that the Xavier Foundation is searching for innovative
ideas to improve the lives of the rural poor; we believe Enterprise 2000 falls well within
your area of interest.
Information technologies are a promising solution to one of the primary obstacles facing
the small rural enterprise: the geographic distances which inhibit networking with other
businesses, and which segregate them from a larger marketplace. The Internet and other
networks are now making it possible for entrepreneurs even in the most remote locations
to communicate and do business on a region-wide, national, or even international basis.
Working in conjunction with other organizations, Enterprise 2000 gives program
participants technical skills training adapted to individual need; and, in collaboration with
Letter of Inquiry Sample
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