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Letter of Intent Medical/Dental
A letter of intent is basically a brief letter to the person you are asking to write you a letter to let them
know why you are asking them and exactly what you need from them. Some things that may be
included in the letter are:
Who you are
What you are applying for (med, dent, etc.)
How you know them including dates
Which characteristics you would like the letter writer to particularly address
Instructions for submitting the letter
Future goals
Deadline for submitting the letter
Sample 1
My name is Aspen Bark and I took BIOL 1610 from you in Fall 2010. I really enjoyed the class. In
addition to building my basic knowledge of biology, I also found that I needed to readjust my study
habits in order to be the successful student I wanted to be. Meeting with you and my study group
helped me learn better study methods that helped prepare me for the other science classes I took in
the semesters following. I am currently preparing to apply to dental school and I am requesting a
letter of recommendation from you to address my academic and intellectual ability in relation to
dental school. I have attached my resume and personal statement. I am happy to provide any
additional information you feel you need. I plan to submit my application by May 15 and will need to
send my letters at that time. I am asking all of my letters writers to submit their letters by April 15 so
I will be prepared to submit an early application.
Please send the letter to the UVU Pre-Health Advisor through campus mail at mailstop 101 or her
office at LC 402
Thank you for your willingness to write me an excellent letter of recommendation.
Letter Of Intent For Medical School
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