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This letter of recommendation regards xxxxxx, the UX Designer in charge for the
Innometric AB’s website, our company, a Swedish integration analytics software
company focused on providing technologic solutions for our customers.
During his work for Innometric AB as a UX designer, xxxxxx took care of the design
for every single interface for our website, its applications and branding as well, always
concerned with the visual balance and the interaction of the users with the previous set.
This endeavour was conceived from night to day: it took him two to three weeks to
create the website and the brand from the floor and only one month to conceive, test and
implement an entire application.
Due to the limited schedule of the project, it had to be achieved by separating it into
small phases and dividing them by more than four experts, with xxxxxx as head of Art
Up until the start of the application, xxxxxx’s duties included the supervision of other
experts and the project management of the brand and the website, after which he was
assigned the role of Art Director to focus on the main tasks. Almost all elements of the
brand were designed by him with the aid of a co-worker that envisioned the brand’s
concept, while the draft and the concept for the website were entirely his creation, icons
As for the application design - which helps the business to integrate and create rules for
the company’s sites to interact with other software - , it was conceived in just three
weeks, adding two more for tweaking and reviewing matters. The application’s
potential that xxxxxx created is in fact immense it’s able to send a determined value to
Google Analytics when someone clicks on a button, for instance. This application was
entirely designed and researched by xxxxxx with the help of a supervisor; however, all
the applicability and design decisions were xxxxxx’s alone.
Even though the basic aim of the application is to provide an interface to drag and drop
elements to create rules, a more in-depth look at it reveals its full capabilities. Thanks to
xxxxxx’s efforts, some of the most striking app’s features are:
When installed on a website, the application sends the webmaster and the visitor that
clicked on a specific button an e-mail. This is handy to track visitors, as well as their
interests, for instance.
When the page loads, the application identifies where the visitors come from. This is
valuable information, as one can program a pop-up window to appear offering discounts
and other perks on the country of origin of the visitor.
Another great feature for online stores is that when a visitor goes to the checkout with
products selected but not buying anything and leaving the site, it can send an email to
the visitor trying to understand what kept him or her from purchasing the products.
Then, let’s imagine that you want to pinpoint every customer’s interests when they
visit your site, thus creating sales opportunities. The Innometrics’ application counts the
Letter of Recommendation for a Designer
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