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Template for Coaching Contract
This agreement is made between [client name] (the ‘coachee’) and [coach name] (the ‘coach’)
for a number of coaching sessions.
The coaching relationship
The purpose of the coaching relationship is to support the coachee to achieve their goals. The
coach and coachee will first come to an agreement about the nature of coaching. Coaching is
a non-therapeutic intervention intended for coachees who wish to enhance their performance
or improve their work or personal situation. Either the coachee or the coach is able to exit the
coaching relationship without giving any reason, subject to appropriate notice being given.
Coachee’s responsibilities
To attend coaching sessions as agreed
To select topics for discussion
To set and pursue meaningful goals
Coach’s responsibilities
To manage the coaching process (including timekeeping)
To undertake regular professional coaching supervision
To maintain confidentiality (subject to certain exemptions)
Number of sessions and fees
The coachee and coach will meet for [number] sessions, each lasting for no longer than
[length of time].
Life Coaching Contract Template
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