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In accordance with the following conditions, the item/s listed below will be
borrowed for:
Exhibition Title:
Itinerary and Dates:
Period of loan:
Total Insurance Value:
Credit line:
Accession No:
1. Protection of Collection Item/s
The Borrower will, at all times, ensure that the collection item/s are treated with all due care
to ensure protection against loss, damage or deterioration as outlined in sections five and
seven of these loan conditions. Should loss, damage or deterioration occur, XXX Museum
must be informed immediately and in detail.
2. Period of Loan
The Borrower will collect and return the collection item/s to the XXX Museum within the
dates specified under the heading ‘Period of Loan’ on page one of this agreement. Any
extension of the loan period must be approved in writing by the XXX Museum.
3. Insurance
Unless otherwise stated, the Borrower will insure the collection item/s for the amount
specified under the heading/s ‘Valuation’ stated in this agreement from the time the
collection item/s leave the XXX Museum until the collection item/s are returned to the XXX
Museum under an all risk, wall to wall policy. Prior to the dispatch of the collection item/s the
Borrower will, if requested, provide the XXX Museum with a Certificate of Insurance unless
an alternative arrangement is made.
4. Condition of Collection Item/s
The XXX Museum will prepare a condition report/s to accompany the collection item/s being
borrowed. The Borrower will complete the accompanying condition report/s upon the arrival
and unpacking of the collection item/s at each venue and immediately prior to the departure
of the collection item/s from that venue.
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Loan Agreement Template
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