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Order Form and Contract to Advertise in Santa Barbara Lawyer Magazine
Santa Barbara County Bar Association * 15 W. Carrillo St., Ste. 106 * Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Tel: 805-569-5511 * Fax: 569-2888 * Email: sbl[email protected]
1. Name of entity being advertised: __________________________________________
2. Entity to be billed: Name: ____________________________ Relationship to #1: qsame qother: ____________
a. Billed entity type: q sole proprietorship qLLC q corporation q govt agency q unincorp assoc qother: _______
b. Street Address: ______________________________________ __________________________ ___________
c. Mailing Address: _____________________________________ __________________________ ___________
d. Phones: Office landline: ____________________ Cell: ___________________ Fax: _________________
e. Contact person: ______________________________ Title of contact person: _______________________________
f. Email of contact person: ________________________________ Email of entity: _____________________________
Order Another page is attached for multiple ads: q
Yes q No
Ad timing*
First month:
Last month:
Ad frequency
q once
q twice
q 3X
q 4X
qother: __$
Ad size
qFull page
q 1/2 page
q 1/4 page
Special positioning**
Covers à
qinside front
qoutside back
qinside back
Ad color
q color
q B&W
Materials instruction***
q e-files
q efiles arriving
under sep cover
* All ad materials must be submitted by the 1
day of the month preceding the month that the ad is to appear.
** When available
*** Speak with editor. Acceptable file formats for ads with images include pdf and Microsoft Word.
1. This is an agreement between the Santa Barbara County Bar Association (SBCBA), publisher of the Santa Barbara Lawyer
(SBL), and the entity to be billed (“Advertiser”).
2. SBL reserves the right to reject advertising. This includes, but is not limited to, political ads and ads that might be mistaken
for articles or commentary, unless the advertising material includes the word “Advertisement” in a 14 point, bold, easily readable
font at the top of the ad. SBCBA shall refund the amount actually paid by the Advertiser for a rejected advertisement. Advertiser
assumes any and all liability that may arise out of ad content, whether images or text.
3. SBCBA publishes SBL monthly, but the time of month varies, and SBL is not responsible for slippage. Liability for failure of
SBL to insert an ad is limited to refund of monies already paid, if any, by Advertiser for the issue affected.
4. Space cancellations must be received, in writing, prior to the space closing date. Advertiser agrees to pay for the insertion if
it cancels late, does not cancel at all, or submits materials too late to be used.
5. Advertising materials must conform to current SBL specifications. Ads not meeting specifications will be assessed, as
liquidated damages, an amount equal to 10% of the fee that would have been payable at the contract rate for the
advertisement(s) or the ad will be pulled without a refund. Charges for changes from original layout and copy will be based on
current composition rates. SBL does not keep ad materials. Accordingly, advertisers desiring their return must arrange same
with SBL staff.$$
6.$$This contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties. All prior or contemporaneous discussions and
agreements are superseded by this written contract.
Magazine Advertising Contract Template
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