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I/We , ____________________________________ sell a _______, _________, ______________
Name of Seller(s) Year Make Model
VIN# ________________________________________, with mileage of _____________ for the
amount of $______________, to _________________________________________________.
This vehicle is free from any liens or encumbrances.
Seller’s Signature: ___________________________ Seller’s Signature:___________________________
Printed Name: _____________________________ Printed Name: ______________________________
Seller’s Address: ___________________________ Seller’s Address: ____________________________
___________________________ ____________________________
Buyer’s Signature: ___________________________ Buyer’s Signature: ___________________________
Printed Name: _____________________________ Printed Name: ______________________________
Buyer’s Address: ____________________________ Buyer’s Address: ____________________________
____________________________ ____________________________
If there is only one buyer and/or one seller put N/A for the information of the second buyer and/or seller. If there
is more than one buyer and seller than both must sign and print their name on the bill of sale where indicated. If
there are two names on the title, they both must sign the bill of sale.
The State of Maine now titles any motor vehicle or trailer (net weight 3,000 lbs. or more) for the
years 1995 and newer. We will now have to title these vehicles forever. This law became
effective in 2010.
Maine Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale
Maine DMV Bill of Sale
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