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Personal Learning log
While you are working in a Mentoring partnership, we would encourage
both mentors and mentees to keep a learning log. This can be as little
as 5 minutes at the end of each session and act as a useful reminder of
actions or homework for the next time you meet.
It’s a journal of your own learning and is just for you. You wont be
asked to share this so the content may be loosely structured and only
of relevance to you.
A learning log requires us to begin to organise our learning. Rather than
seeing mentoring beginning and ending with the time spent together,
both mentors and mentees can reflect on what it is they’re trying to
achieve. This awareness allows you to have a greater perspective on
your mentoring experience that will extend to all aspects of your life.
The benefits of keeping a log are:
A useful ‘tool’ to help you recognise the progress you are making
towards your learning goals.
A way to develop an awareness of learning objectives and processes.
An opportunity to develop reflection skills
In having the discipline of reflecting, you may see more ways of
taking appropriate, personal action.
How do I ‘do’ a Learning Log?
Try to write something down after each mentoring session and after you
have used a new approach (behaviour, attitude, model, process) in your
daily work. When you are very busy, taking a “do it now” approach for 5
minutes at a time makes it achievable, rather than putting it o until later.
It is helpful to include the following:
The context
What you did
Your thoughts
Your feelings
What worked well
What you found challenging and how you dealt with it
The key learning points
You may wish to use the sheet overleaf as a record of your learning, or
create your own style and approach within a learning journal.
Mentoring Personal Learning Log Template
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