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This file is a Menu Card created by a restaurant called Partyservice Meyer. From this menu, we can see that this restaurant is specialized in offering catering service for parties. Apart from the list of the dishes offered, this menu also provides some menus for matched and set dishes. That is, you can order as you like to combine a catering plan or you can order a matching dish with all kinds of dishes included. If you are planning to offer the similar service, you can take this template as a reference.

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Menu Card
_will rent tables and benches, bistro tables
_Bocketzgracht 8
52511 Geilenkirchen, Teveren
Phone: 02451- 66979
Fax: 02451- 959419
last update 10.03.2007
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_warm & cold buffets
_complete Menüs & salad plates
_Cold starters
_for family for business, gatherings and receptions
shrimp cocktail with scampi spears
Poultry cocktail with fruit spears
Various pâtés
Smokes ham on honey dew melon
Various types of fish on salads or on toast
Roast beef rolls
Veal on tuna sauce
Samlon pâté
Pea soup
Vegetable soup
Chilli-con carne
Goulash soup
Cream of leek soup
Cream of asparagus soup
Cream of brocoli soup
Cream of tomato soup
Cream of champignon soup
Party soup
Eintöpfe & gebunden Suppen
Beef consommé (vevetables, dumplings and egg)
chicken consommé
Clear soups
_Fish dishes
Shrimp cocktail
Filet of trout
Matjes (salt hering)
Smoked makrel
Filet of sutchi catfish
Filet of salmon w or w/o a crust of spinach
Smoked Salmon
Menu Card - Partyservice Meyer
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