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Creating an Invoice Template in
Microsoft Excel 2010
1. Click the Start button located on the
Windows taskbar. (Bottom, left-hand
corner of your computer’s desktop or
“home” screen)
2. Scroll down to find Microsoft
Office Excel 2010 & click to open
the program. (The program is
located within the Microsoft Office
3. Your screen should resemble Figure
1.1. Now click the File button
(highlighted in green, located in the
top, left-hand corner of your screen).
4. From the displayed menu on the left-
hand side, select New.
5. Check to make sure your screen
resembles figure 1.2. Under
Office.Com Templates, look for and
select Invoices. (Your computer will
perform a brief search at Office.Com
for a list of available invoice
6. In this tutorial we will be using a
Sales Invoice template. Click on the
Sales invoices Folder. (Your
computer will perform another brief
search at Office.Com)
7. Once the new window opens, select
Invoice with Tax Calculation.
Refer to Figure 1.3. Click the
Download button located at the
bottom, right-hand side of your
Figure 1.1
Figure 1.2
Figure 1.3
Microsoft Invoice Template 1
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