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Kyle Freemantle
Personal Details
My name is Kyle Freemantle I am 23 from Western Australia and have the strong ambition
of becoming a stunt performer so I am currently looking for as much time on set as I
possibly can.
Feature films:
2013 Unbroken Extra - POW Angelina Jolie
2014 San Andreas Extra - Survivor Brad Peyton
Student Films:
2013 In Dept Main - Sam
2013 Extra - Dancer in a club
2013 Extra - Gang member in a gun fight
2013 Pay any Price Main - Ben simmons / Solder Lachlan John
2013 Apocolypse Phill Extra - Bar tender Luke Cameron
Height: 185cm / 6ft 1in
Waist: 83cm / 33in
Collar: 39cm / 15in
Chest: 98cm / 40in
Suit: 44 / L
Shoe: 9.5 US
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Complexion: Tanned
DOB: 08/08/1991
Age: 23
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