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BALCONIES: Tenant shall not use balcony for the purpose of storage, drying clothes, cleaning rugs or
BICYCLES: All bicycles owned by the Tenant shall be stored only in the areas designated by the
Landlord and not in any other parts of the building including the hallways, entrances and lobbies.
LOCKING OF ENTRANCE DOORS: Landlord reserves the right to close and keep locked all entrance
doors of the building during such hours as the Landlord deems advisable for the safety and protection of the
building and its occupants. Tenant shall not prop open any entrance doors..
DWELLING: Tenant is only entitled to occupy the dwelling listed above. This Lease does not entitle the
Tenant to use of any area outside of the dwelling including, but not limited to, the attic, basement or the
garage without written permission from the Landlord. Tenant is not to paint any part of the apartment
without prior written permission from the Landlord.
WATER LEAKS: Tenant is to notify the Landlord immediately if Tenant notices any running water in
the faucets in the kitchen, bathroom sink, bathtub or any other faucets. If the toilet is running and does not
shut off properly, Tenant is to notify Landlord immediately. If Tenant does not notify Landlord of any
water leaks and it is determined that the water bill is in excess because of this leak, Tenant will be
responsible financially for paying the difference in the water bill.
IN WITNESS THEREOF, the Parties have caused this Lease to be executed on the day and year first above
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