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School District of Holmen 1
The monthly checklists give you some guidance in assisting new staff. The lists are
not meant to be inclusive of everything that comes up in your building or program
area. It is a list that you can treat as a starting point.
Introduce new staff to others
Give tour of building, if needed and/or review school layout (including staff restrooms)
Discuss Open House and what to do
Show where to find District In-Service Forms that need to be turned in to HR
Share Building mission vision, values and goals
Discuss curriculum informationdocuments, expectations, committee information. If
copy of curriculum is needed, contact Instructional Services
Discuss District calendar (details of schedule, opening day, workday hours)
Discuss school routines (daily & weekly), master schedule, related arts schedules, lunch
routine, playground expectations & equipment, bus procedures
Cum Folders (where they are and process for accessing the folders)
Review procedures for acquiring keys, security procedures (fire drills, lock downs etc.),
student illness procedures, ordering copies from the Copy Center, food and drink in
classrooms, leaving the building during the day, dress code, parking area
Discuss material ordering process/budget requests
Review parent communications and parent organizations
Review technology procedures: log onto the network, saving files to the network, staff
resources on the webpage, checking email, Technology and Maintenance Helpdesk
procedures, adding a network printer, SDH Shared Folder, making telephone calls,
webpages, Infinite Campus (class set-up, attendance, grading, lunch count etc.), Google
apps and assessment database.
Review School District of Holmen Educator Effectiveness Guide
Discuss Teachscape Training and Danielson Framework for Teaching
Review scheduling of the labs, laptops, and other technology equipment.
Discuss classroom management/consequences/creating classroom routines
Share School District of Holmen Assessment Calendar
Lesson plans and substitute folders
Discuss working with Educational Assistants
Discuss times to meet
Monthly Checklist Template
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