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Mortgage Marketing Letter
August 6, 2010
Dear Customers:
We are pleased to invite you to the inauguration of our new Mortgage Marketing Company,
“SomNath Mortgages” on August 15, 2010. We have a good team of dedicated and
experienced staff and good backing. We are in a position to help arrange bank loans for
individuals and companies.
These are the main features we are planning on:
· Quick processing.
· Flexible instalments.
· Incentives on repayment sooner.
· Comparatively low rate of interest.
The following are the Banks from where we will avail loan.
· ICICI Prudential.
· HDFC Bank.
· IDBI Bank.
We have chosen SBI as our banker and are associated with the legal firm “Mohanlal and
On the day of inauguration we have attractive offers. Once you visit us, you will know why you
should do business with us.
Looking forward to mutually rewarding business dealings.
Best Regards,
Somesh Menon and Kamalnath Ramesh
Mortgage Marketing Letter
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