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Nanny Client Sample contract is a sample employment contract for nanny. Parents can use this template to make a new nanny contract suitable for their situation. This sample consists of ten items: Terms of Employment, Remuneration, Holidays, Sickness&Sick Pay, Confidentiality, Termination, Disciplinary&Capability Procedure, Grievance Procedure, General principles relating to disciplinary and grievance procedures, General.

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Date of Issue: [number] day of [month] 20
1) [insert name of employer(s)] of [address] ("the Employer")
2) [insert name of Nanny] of [address] ("the Nanny")
Our agreement with you:
IT IS AGREED that the Employer will employ the Nanny on the following terms and
1. Terms of Employment
1.1 The Nanny is employed to work at the Employer's home at [location], or such
other place(s) as the Employer may reasonably require from time to time.
The employment commenced on [date] and shall not be continuous with any
previous period of employment.
1.2 The Nanny's duties shall be:
(a) Caring for [ ] children whose names and ages are [ ]
(b) Baby sitting at times agreed in advance
(c) [insert duties required by the Nanny]
(d) [insert duties required by the Nanny]
(e) [insert duties required by the Nanny]
1.3 The Nanny shall normally work the following days: [state days of work
please also see the note under clause 1.5]
1.4 Normal working hours shall be agreed by the Employer and Nanny in
advance, but shall generally be [state hours of work] save that the Nanny is
entitled to a break of [not less than 20 minutes within a six hour period (or 30
minutes if the nanny is aged 18 or under)], to be taken at an appropriate time
when the welfare of the child(ren) will not be put at risk.
1.5 The Nanny shall be entitled to a rest period of not less than 11 consecutive
hours [or 12 hours if the nanny is aged 18 and under] between the end of her
normal working hours on one day and the commencement of her normal
working hours on the following day. It shall be the responsibility of the
Employer to ensure that she takes such a rest period.
[Note: as well as the daily rest periods the nanny will be entitled to a weekly
rest period under the Working Time Regulations 1998. A nanny aged over 18
will be entitled in each 7-day period to an uninterrupted 24-hour rest break or
in each 14-day period an uninterrupted rest period of not less than 48
consecutive hours. In other words the nanny must either have a minimum of
one day a week off or one weekend off a fortnight. If the nanny is aged
between minimum school leaving age and 18 she must have a 48 hour
uninterrupted rest break every 7 days].
Nanny Client Sample contract
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