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Resume Writing
General resumes communicate your education, experiences and capabilities (skills). Artist resumes
provide information about exhibitions, awards, grants, residencies, education and perhaps a brief artist’s
Your resume should list all experiences that may be relevant to your career choice. Don’t think you
have not had enough experiences just make the list. Experiences may include coursework, jobs,
volunteering, internships, externships and other relevant experiences. Demonstrate qualifications for a
given position by always tailoring your resume to the description of the position for which you are
Typically, resumes appear in reverse chronological order (most recent first) and are most commonly
presented in either a paragraph or bulleted format. Functional resumes highlight your skills and have a
different presentation, allowing a demonstration of your capabilities, regardless of experiences.
Examples of the paragraph, bullet, and functional resumes consisting of the same experiences, follow
the information provided in this handout.
Remember, resumes are fluid documents that need to change for each new application.
General Resume Formats/Styles
There is no one correct format. However, there are general guidelines about what to include on a
resume. A resume should look good, be concise and read well. Format and style are two different
things in resume writing. The examples in this hand out are all created in Word but you may wish to
create documents in a program that allows for more style such as InDesign or Illustrator. However,
when using these two programs save as a PDF document before sending via email.
In general, avoid using too much color on a resume and unless the information is VERY pertinent, stick
to one page. Employers of all stripes will not read past the first page unless the information is
applicable. When presenting a resume on a web site you may take a few more liberties than in a printed
resume, but be aware potential employers may wish to print the resume as well, and therefore your
digital resume should look good as a printed document as well.
The heading includes name and contact information. Your name should be in a larger font than the rest
of the resume. Contact information includes address, e-mail address, URL and telephone number(s).
Make sure your telephone number(s) have reliable recording devices (e.g., voice mail, answering
machine or someone who will take a message). Additionally, your out-going message needs to sound
Objectives/Summary of Qualifications
Objectives on a resume are optional. If you choose to include an objective statement make sure it is
clear and tailored to the job for which you are applying. Generalized objectives should be avoided.
A Summary of Qualifications is like a brief cover letter at the top of you resume and what follows
should support the statements made in the summary. It is not recommended to have both an objective
and a summary of qualifications.
Neat Resume Template
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