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New Employee Orientation & Onboarding
A guide for new employees and their managers
MIT New Employee Orientation & Onboarding | 8/13 Page 1
Schedule for the Employee’s First Day
The first day for a new employee can be overwhelming, with a flood of new faces,
introductions, and information to help them gain familiarity with their new environment.
To help ease the new hire into his/her role, it is important to focus the first day on the
employee’s individual work space, navigating the office itself, modes of communication, use
of equipment, as well as office expectations.
Some first-day activities may be influenced by the job itself, so consider what’s most important
for the new employee to know. When planning the first day, be sure to schedule some down time
as well as time to explore the office and campus. Other considerations could include the
Greet the employee, introduce him/her to the work space, including where personal items
are kept.
Provide facilities access information, security information, and keys.
Answer any immediate questions the employee may have.
Introduce employee to co-workers (and buddy, if assigned).
Meet with HR representative to complete any required paperwork.
Provide a tour of the immediate facilities (give personally, or assign a buddy).
Take the employee to obtain MIT ID and visit parking office, if applicable (or buddy, if
Give employee some time to get acquainted with his or her work space.
§ Pre-arrange plans for lunch with you, buddy and/or others, if possible.
§ Schedule time for employee to become familiar with computer systems.
§ Arrange for employee to receive any instructions and codes for photocopier, fax, and
other equipment or machinery he/she will use.
§ Go over any pertinent office policies and procedures (office hours, lunches and break
times, phone coverage, etc.).
§ Allow time for the employee to settle in and review all of the information provided to
him/her throughout the day.
§ Meet with the employee to debrief the day, answer any pending questions, and provide
and explain the schedule and activities for the next several days.
New Employee Orientation Schedule Template Word Doc
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