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New Hampshire Sublease Agreement Form is a sublease agreement applied in the state of New Hampshire. A sublease is demanded when a renter wants to rent out the premises during the tenure. This sublease is written on one page but contains almost all the basic information a sublease should include. Actually a sublease is similar to a normal lease. The original tenant can be seen as a new landlord in the sublease.

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New Hampshire Sublease Agreement
I, , (First Party), hereby lease to:
), and
no other person, Apartment Number together with the furnishings and
equipment thereof located at _______________________, NH for the period beginning
day of , 20 , and ending day of , 20 .
The Second Party covenants and agrees to pay rent to the First Party at the rate of
$ per month due on the first day of each month.
This sublease agreement falls under a lease, which the First Party holds.
The Second Party agrees that he/she is familiar with all of the covenants, conditions
and regulations applying to rental occupancy and use of said apartment and agrees to
abide by all covenants, conditions and regulations of the original lease, which are
hereby incorporated in this instrument by reference.
At termination of this Sublease, the Second Party agrees to surrender immediately said
apartment, furnishings and equipment to the First Party in the same condition of
cleanliness and repair as at the effective date hereof, loss by fire and reasonable wear
and tear expected.
Dated this day of , 20 .
Temporary address of the original leaseholder during this sublease period:
First Party Signature Phone Contact # Email address
Second Party Signature Phone Contact # Email address
The undersigned, original Lessor of the above-described premises hereby consents to
the above sublease:
Landlord representative’ signature Date
New Hampshire Sublease Agreement Form
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