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NNN - Triple Net Lease Agreement is is a lease agreement that designates the tenant as being entirely responsible for all of the costs relating to the asset being leased in the lease. The tenant has to pay the net amount of three types of costs which how this term got its name. The three types include the net real estate taxes on the leased asset, the net building insurance, and the net common area maintenance.

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moving costs so long as Landlord's award is not reduced thereby.
SECTION 1: LANDLORD'S CONSENT REQUIRED. Tenant will not assign or transfer this Lease or
sublease the Premises or any part thereof or interest therein, or mortgage, pledge or hypothecate its
leasehold interest, without Landlord's prior written consent, which consent may be withheld in Landlord's
sole unfettered discretion. Unless Tenant is a publicly traded company, a transfer of a controlling interest
in Tenant will be deemed an assignment of this Lease. Any attempted transfer without consent will be
void and constitute an Event of Default under this Lease (as defined below). Tenant's request for consent
will include the details of the proposed sublease or assignment, including the name, business and
financial condition of the prospective transferee, financial details of the proposed transaction (e.g., the
term of and the rent and security deposit payable under any proposed assignment or sublease), and any
other information Landlord deems relevant. Landlord will have the right to withhold consent or to grant
consent, based on the following factors: (i) the business of the proposed assignee or subtenant and the
proposed use of the Premises; (ii) the net worth and financial condition of the proposed assignee or
subtenant; (iii) Tenant's compliance with all of its obligations under this Lease; and (iv) such other factors
as Landlord may reasonably deem relevant. Tenant will promptly furnish to Landlord copies of all
transaction documentation.
SECTION 2: TRANSFERS TO AFFILIATES. Notwithstanding Section 1, Tenant, on prior notice to
Landlord (but without Landlord's consent), may assign this Lease or sublet the Premises to any entity
controlling Tenant, controlled by Tenant or under common control with Tenant (a "Tenant Affiliate"),
provided such Tenant Affiliate after the assignment or sublease will have a comparable net worth to
SECTION 3: OFFER TO TERMINATE. If Tenant desires to assign this Lease or sublease all of any part
of the Premises, Tenant will notify Landlord and Landlord for a period of thirty (30) days will have the right
to terminate the Lease Term. If Tenant desires to sublease only a portion of the Premises, and such
portion is subdividable (with any costs paid by Tenant), then the right to terminate may be exercised with
respect to only that portion of the Premises to be subleased. If Landlord elects not to terminate the
Lease Term as provided in this Section, Tenant shall pay to Landlord fifty percent (50%) of any net profits
received by Tenant from any assignment of this Lease or sublet of the Premises.
SECTION 4: NO RELEASE OF TENANT. Notwithstanding any assignment or subletting, Tenant will at
all times remain fully responsible and primarily liable for the payment of Rent and compliance with all of
Tenant's obligations under this Lease. Consent to one transfer will not be deemed a consent to any
subsequent transfer or a waiver of the obligation to obtain consent on subsequent occasions. If Tenant's
assignee or transferee defaults under this Lease, Landlord may proceed directly against Tenant without
pursuing remedies against the assignee or transferee.
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