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This agreement, when countersigned below, shall constitute an agreement regarding
certain confidential and proprietary information and trade secrets (“Confidential
Information”) relating to the business of PRES.NOW, Inc. and _________________
(collectively referred to as the “Parties”), as of the date executed by the company (the
“Effective Date”). For purposes of this agreement PRES.NOW,Inc. will be referred to as
(“PRES”, “the Company” OR the “Disclosing Party”) and ______________ is
hereinafter referred to as ( the “Recipient”).
Recipient shall strictly maintain the confidentiality of the Proprietary Information.
Proprietary information may be shared between the Parties for use in scoping, estimating
and completing projects for PRES and its clients.
During this agreement Recipient shall not represent, provide services for or engage in any
other way any other business of a similar nature to the business of PRES (Real Estate
Agent Revenue Sharing and Per Transaction Recruiting) without the written consent of
PRES. It is understood that Recipient will be representing PRES exclusively on these two
company offered real estate agent programs..
Recipient warrants and guarantees that during this agreement and for the twelve month
period following the termination of this agreement shall not directly or indirectly engage
in any similar business (Real Estate Agent Revenue Sharing and Per Transaction
Recruiting) with PRES current clients or PRES former clients. Nor shall recipient solicit
any client of PRES for the benefit of a third party that is engaged in a similar business to
that of PRES or hire any employees or sales staff or former employees or sales staff of
Confidential Information
As used herein “Confidential Information” shall mean any and all technical and non-
technical information provided by the Company, including but not limited to: data or
other proprietary information relating to products, inventions, plans, methods, processes,
know-how, developmental or experimental work, computer programs, databases,
authorship, customer lists (including the names, buying habits or practices of any clients),
the names of vendors or suppliers, marketing methods, reports, analyses, business plans,
financial information, statistical information, or any other subject matter pertaining to any
business of the Company or any its respective clients, consultants, or licensees that is
disclosed to the recipient under the terms of this Agreement.
Permitted Disclosure
Confidential Information does not include information which:
(i) Has become generally known to the public through no wrongful act by the
Non Compete Agreement Template
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