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The Business Plan
Purpose and background
This document is a guide to the use of a provisional framework for planning for small to medium-
sized nonprofits like your own that want to make a bigger difference by making more strategic
use of their resources. The framework takes the form of a number of questions that a nonprofit
can answer in different degrees of detail, depending on its capacity and inclination. This guide is
designed to offer some general guidance on planning and the processes of planning and provide
assistance in answering the questions in the framework. In the case of some questions, this
assistance will involve explanations of how to use certain tools that have been provided as
As you plan your planning and work through the process, therefore, you will be working with
these three elements at the same time:
¾ the Planning Template, containing the provisional framework;
¾ the Tool Worksheets, and
¾ this Planning Template Guide.
For planning fanatics, there is also available a summary and brief explanation of all the planning
tools that we have been able to identify. Most, but not all, relate to what is called strategic
planning (see below, however, on the matter of definitions of planning.)
The framework is provisional because we are piloting its use as one of the main elements of the
nonprofit business planning protocol that is the planned outcome of a project of the Center for
Nonprofit Excellence, funded by The WK Kellogg Foundation. We are hoping to work with you
in a way that will both enable you to benefit from the framework and some of the thinking behind
it, while at the same time allowing CNE, and its partner in this work, the National Center on
Nonprofit Enterprise (NCNE,) to develop these materials further so that they can be of maximum
use to any nonprofit that is interested in using them.
Nonprofit Business Planning Template Guide Template Pdf Download
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