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PO Box 19
Haenertsburg, RSA 0730
Phone: (0027) 15276 1230
Transvaal Higher Teaching Diploma (THED: 4 years: early childhood)
Pretoria College of Education 1978
Bachelor of Arts (Education III; Geography III)
University of South Africa (UNISA) 1987 (Part time)
Bachelor of Education (Honors)
University of South Africa (UNISA) 1997 (Part time)
Master of Education in Didactics
(Theme: Equipping foundation phase learners for successful CAI)
University of South Africa (UNISA) 2004
-Language Assessment
-Reading and writing in ESL
-Remedial reading, writing and maths
-Research in Education (BEd)
-History of Education and educational problems (BEd)
-Education for all (BEd)
-The underachiever in the classroom (BEd)
-Socio education (BEd)
-Communication II (BA)
-Sociology I (BA)
-Psychology I (BA)
Teacher – English Language Centre, Salalah, Oman – 2002-2004
EEL teaching mainly to adult Arabs
Testing, placing and teaching ESL from Beginners to Intermediate
Teaching using videos and IT
Producing teaching aids relevant to the levels and culture of the students
Teacher – Haenertsburg Primary School, Haenertsburg, RSA – 2000-2001
Grade iii General classwork
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