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Adapted from questions posed by Robert Middleton at Action Plan Marketing.
One-page Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template
Dates of Plan: _________________
First, make sure that your services/programs are high quality. Your best marketing is to deliver
great mission-driven programs and then benefit from a set of strong referrals.
Assuming that your programs are in good shape, then address the following questions:
I. Target Market
Who, specifically, is your
organization’s target
II. Their Needs
What, specifically are their key
needs that your organization
can meet?
III. Your Services
How, specifically, does your
organization uniquely meet
their key needs?
IV. Marketing Actions
How, specifically, will you tell
your target clients that your
organization can uniquely
meet their needs (web site,
network alliances, email
newsletter, etc.)?
List up to three key marketing
strategies that your
organization will focus on
during the next 12 months.
One Page Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template
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