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Social Media Marketing Plan
by Robert Middleton
This plan is based on the interview with Jason Alba on Social
Media and gives an outline of the steps he discusses in getting a
social media plan into action.
This is very much the plan I intend to follow. I have already
completed some of these steps but here I outline all the steps (and a
few more) that Jason discussed on the Audio Program.
In about an hour a day or less, you can get the word out about what
you’re up to, to thousands of people. Make sure to listen and read
Jason’s interview first before you start implementing your plan.
Pt. I Lay the Foundation for Your Social Media Networking
1. Sign up for LinkedIn –
Complete the profile according to Jason’s directions.
2. Sign up for Facebook –
Complete the profile
3. Sign up for Twitter
Complete the sign up form as required
4. Start Up a Blog
We discuss the use of blogs on the interview but not how to set them
up. I use TypePad for my platform. With a blog you will need to not
only sign up, but design your page. If you are not technically savvy,
you will need some help with this. You don’t have to make your blog
fancy. Someone should be able to do it for you in a few hours. For
more information on setting up and using a blog see this interview:
5. Sign up for Feedburner
This will distribute your blog posts to search engines and other places.
Pt. II - Start Putting the Word Out
6. Start writing on your blog
Post 200 to 500 words on subjects pertaining to your business. Jason
recommends posting once a day, five days a week on your blog.
Online Social Media Marketing Plan
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