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Pasture Lease Agreement is a publication that provides management information and guidelines for the landlord and tenant when negotiating a rental agreement. The landlord and the tenant should study the material carefully and prepare a written agreement that suits their individual situation. The draft lease agreement in this file is for use only as a guide. A lawyer should review any lease agreement before it is finalized.

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current year's rent shall immediately become due and payable, and the said term shall immediately
become forfeited and void at the option of the landlord.
16. That if the rent reserved or any part thereof be in arrears whether such rent has been demanded or
not, or if there be default, breach or non-observance by the tenant at any time or times of any covenant,
proviso, condition or reservation herein contained, which on the part of the tenant ought to be observed
or performed, whether such covenant be positive or negative, or if there by any seizure or forfeiture of
the said term for any of the causes herein specified, then the landlord or his agents may enter upon the
said lands and premises and thereafter have, possess and enjoy them as if his indenture had not been
made, and no acceptance of rent subsequent to any breach or default other than non-payment of rent
nor any condoning, excusing or overlooking by the landlord on previous occasions of breach or defaults
similar to that for which re-entry is made shall be taken to operate as a waiver of this condition, nor in
any way defeat or affect the rights of the landlord herein.
17. The tenant shall at the expiration of the said term or other sooner determination of this lease peaceably
and quietly leave, surrender and yield up onto the landlord the said lands and premises in good and sufficient
repair, reasonable wear and tear and damage by fire, lightning and tempest only excepted.
18. If the tenant fulfils the terms and conditions of this agreement, the tenant shall and may peaceably
possess and enjoy the said land for the said term, without any interruption or disturbance from the
landlord or any representative of the landlord.
19. The landlord or a representative of the landlord has the right at all reasonable times to attend and
inspect the said property. The landlord reserves the right of entry and exit over and upon the land in
this agreement to use any land and buildings expressly excluded from this agreement.
20. If either party shall fail in any respect to carry out any of the provisions of this lease agreement, the
other may have the same done, and the costs shall be paid by the party failing to carry out the said
21. Renewal
The term of this lease may be extended by mutual agreement between the landlord and tenant for a
further period upon the same terms and conditions as contained herein, except as otherwise agreed in
writing by the parties executing a renewal statement.
22. Arbitration
The landlord and tenant may by mutual agreement submit any disagreement, which may arise with
respect to the terms and conditions of this lease, to arbitration in accordance with The Arbitration Act.
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