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Pasture Lease Form is an agreement between the landowner (the lessor) and the tenant (the lessee). When you want to use this form, you should complete two identical copies-one for the landowner and one for the tenant. You can also write any additional provisions that are desired. In addition, you can also cut down some contents that are unnecessary for you. Nevertheless, you can verify this file to fit your needs.

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Illinois Pasture Lease
To use this lease form. Complete two identical copies – one for the Lessor
(Landowner) and one for the Lessee (Tenant). Cross out any provisions that are not to
become a part of the contract. Write any additional provisions that are desired. Use ink
or typewriter. (Pasture leasing information can be found at
http://www.agcom/ and
The Lessor and Lessee may want to discuss lease provisions with their respective legal
counsel since a lease creates and alters legal rights.
Date and names of parties. This lease is entered into on ____________________________, 20_____,
Between ___________________________________________________________________________________________________(Landlords) Lessor(s),
at (address) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
and __________________________________________________________________________________________________________(Tenants) Lessee(s),
at (address) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
The parties to this lease agree to the following provisions.
Description of land. The Lessor rents and leases to the Lessee, to occupy and to use for agricultural purposes only, the following real estate located in the
County of ____________________________________________________________and the State of ___________________________________________,
described as follows: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
commonly know as the ______________________________________farm and consisting of approximately __________acres, together with all buildings
and improvements thereon belonging to the Lessor, except ______________________________________________________________________________
Length of tenure. The term of this lease shall be from _____________________________, 20_____, to _______________________________, 20_____,
and the Lessee shall surrender possession at the end of this term or at the end of any extension thereof. Extensions must be placed in writing on this lease,
and both parties agree that failure to execute an extension at least _____________________months before the end of the current term shall be constructive
notice of intent to allow the lease to expire.
Amendments and alterations to this lease may be made in writing in the space provided and the end of this form at any time by mutual agreement. If
the parties fail to agree on proposed alterations, the existing provisions of the lease shall control operations.
Section 1. Animal Units
Not more than _______animal units shall be kept in the pasture at any one time without the express written consent of the
Lessor. Deliberate violation of this provision shall constitute grounds for termination of this lease. (In general, each 1,000
pounds of average weight shall be one animal unit. If the pasture owner and the owner of the livestock prefer, they can use
the following basis for calculating animal units: one bull, 1.25 animal units; one 1,000-pound cow, 1 animal unit; one
yearling steer of heifer, .075 animal unit; calf, 6 months to 1 year, 0.5 animal unit; 3 to 6 months, 0.3 animal unit; sheep, 5 per
animal unit; horse, 1.25 animal unit.)
Number Number
Stocking rate head animal units
Bulls.................................._______ _______
Cows.................................._______ _______
Yearling steers..................._______ _______
Yearling heifers................._______ _______
Calves, 6 to 12 mos..........._______ _______
Calves, 3 to 6 mos............._______ _______
Pasture Lease Form
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