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1. Monthly File Maintenance:
a. Keep the original budget spreadsheet file as a master (we recommend you
do not enter data into the original file). Begin the process by setting up a
file for each month. To do this, open the original budget spreadsheet file
before entering data
onto the spreadsheets save it as a new file (from
the “File” drop-down menu select “Save As”, and then name the file for
the month such as January_Spending_Plan_2004).
2. Data Entry:
a. Many of the cells in these spreadsheets contain formulas to calculate totals
or transfer data to other sheets. In order to maintain the integrity of these
formulas, those cells have been protected. This means that you cannot
enter data into those cells. If you try, Microsoft will send an error message
explaining the cell protection.
b. To simplify which cells are protected and which are accessible for data
entry, a color-coding system is in place.
If the cell is colored or contains
a pattern, it is protected. If the cell is white, it is okay to enter data.
3. Category Maintenance:
a. You can change the types of expenses to better fit your actual expenses.
However, you only need to make the change on the ‘Personal Budget
Worksheet’ and the change will filter through to each of the Weekly
Expense worksheets.
4. Current Budget Month:
a. Type in the month of your budget in cell C3 of the ‘Personal Budget
Worksheet’ and that month will display in each of the Weekly Expense
Personal Buget Worksheet
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