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This file shows a template of a personal financial statement. It contains two parts in total, the assets and the liabilities. The second page shows the details of each item in the first page. This template can be used to record your revenues and expenses and meanwhile, It's can help you to know about your financial status, thus better arranging your money.

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Assets Amount in Dollars
Cash - checking accounts -$
Cash - savings accounts -
Certificates of deposit -
Securities - stocks / bonds / mutual funds -
Notes & contracts receivable -
Life insurance (cash surrender value) -
Personal property (autos, jewelry, etc.) -
Retirement Funds (eg. IRAs, 401k) -
Real estate (market value) -
Other assets (specify) -
Other assets (specify) -
Total Assets -$
Liabilities Amount in Dollars
Current Debt (Credit cards, Accounts) -$
Notes payable (describe below) -
Taxes payable -
Real estate mortgages (describe) -
Other liabilities (specify) -
Other liabilities (specify) -
Total Liabilities -$
Net Worth -$
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Personal Financial Statement Template
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