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General Resume Guidelines.
Professional Appearance
q Material fits neatly on one page. Margins approximately 1 inch on all four sides. High quality
print in black ink.
q White or neutral colored paper, 8.5 x 11 inches, 20lb weight. No staples or folds.
q Plain font with straight lines, such as Helvetica. Font size 10-14 points.
q Bold and capital letters used where appropriate for emphasis, but not overdone.
q No italics, script, parentheses, brackets, underlining, shading or graphics.
q Avoid use of unnecessary punctuation, horizontal or vertical lines.
q Name, address, telephone, and e-mail address centered at top, with name in bold and larger
q Omit extraneous and personal information such as height, weight, age, sex.
q Use format that best suits your needs. Reverse chronological format, listing education and
experience from most recent to least recent, is most commonly used.
q Objective clearly stating position being sought, usually beginning with “To obtain a position
as.” or “Seeking an entry level position in
q Education category including any college/university from which a degree was earned. GPA,
expressed in tenths, may be included if 3.0 or above. Examples in correct format:
Bachelor of Arts, History May 200x Bachelor of Science, Finance expected May 200x
Minor: Psychology Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ
Rowan University, Glassboro, NJ GPA 3.9, Dean’s List, Medallion Award
GPA 3.4, Dean’s List Summa Cum Laude Honors anticipated
q Experience category including several entries in consistent format:
Job Title Dates of employment
Company, City, State
Descriptive statements of experience
q Job descriptions/accomplishments written in 1-5 bulleted statements or brief paragraph
format, reading in the first person, with pronouns “I” and “my” omitted. Use a variety of
action verbs and keyword nouns specific to the major/profession, often the same words used
in typical job postings for such position.
q Descriptive statements highlighting skills and abilities, as well as experience and
accomplishments. Show evidence of teamwork, computer proficiency, attention to detail,
customer satisfaction, willingness to learn new skills, ability to produce results, and your
enthusiasm/work ethic. Supply enough description to create reader interest but not to
q Finished product should be a unique statement about you. It must be professional looking,
error free, with consistent verb tense and end punctuation. Do NOT rely on computer spell
check, grammar check, or resume writing software for your final resume.
Name: ______________________________________________________________________
Home Address: ____________________ College Address: _____________________
Street: ___________________________ Street: ______________________________
City: _________State: ____ Zip: _______ City: ___________State: ____ Zip: _______
Phone: ___________________________ Phone: _____________________________
Email: ____________________________
Job Objective (Indicate your work direction; be as specific as possible.)
Name of College: ______________________________ City: ___________ State: ____________
Degree: _____________________________ Expected Graduation Date: ___________________
GPA: _____________ (If 3.0 or higher)
Course Highlights (Use primarily in resumes for internships.)
Work Experience (Start with most recent place of employment.)
Job Title: ______________________________________ Period Employed: _____________
Name of Company, City, State ____________________________________________________
Responsibilities: (Use action words.) _______________________________________________
Skills (EXAMPLE: computer, leadership, language skills)
Activities & Interests
References available upon request.
Sample of a Chronological Resume- list education and experience in reverse chronological
order within appropriate categories.
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