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MSc by Research/MPhil/PhD Thesis Proposal
Name: ………………………………………..
Please complete this form to assist us in assessing your application. We
recognise that your ideas may only be at the preliminary stage at the present
time, but it is important you try to answer all sections and give as much
information as you can. We will use the information you provide here to
assess the merits of your MPhil/PhD proposal. If you are offered and accept a
place, your supervisor will use the information provided here as the starting
point for your research.
Step 1 Choosing a research topic
(Area of interest and proposed title: (10 – 20 words)
Why have you chosen this topic?: (50 words)
Step 2 Your aim and research question
What is the key question that your research will answer?: (50 words)
Phd Thesis Proposal Template
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