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Summer Picnic Sign Up Sheet
August 12, 2012
(Please print out and complete –
Give completed form to your GM)
Employee Name: _________________________ Location: _______
Employee Payroll number: ________
Cost of event: $5.00 per person. Children 5 and under are free.
Age Group
Cost Per
Total Cost
5 and Under
6 through 11
12 through 59
60 and over
(Sorry, but we need the additional breakdown of age groups because
Mt.Gretna charges different prices for different age groups.)
I hereby authorize a payroll deduction for the cost of me and my guests, as
stated above for Isaac’s Summer Picnic. I understand that this amount will
be deducted from my pay prior to the picnic event date. Payments are non-
refundable unless the event is cancelled.
Employee Signature
Printed Name of Employee
Picnic Sign up Sheet Template
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