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National Association of the Remodeling Industry ~ Tampa Bay Area Chapter
Board of Directors Retreat Agenda NOVEMBER 6 2015 Page 1 of 24
Page 1 of 24 ~ October 28, 2015 nari board retreat nov 6 2015 agenda with exhibits
Core Purpose/Mission Statement
: To advance and promote the remodeling industry's
professionalism, product and vital public purpose.
Core Values
* Professional: Ethical and honest; committed to high standards
* Open: Diverse and respectful; inclusive of many views and dedicated to free expression
* Informed: and knowledgeable; resourceful and flexible
* Member Focused: Focused on importance of success, return on investment and profit
Vision Statement: "All remodelers will want to be members of Tampa Bay Area NARI and remodel
ready consumers will insist on contracting with our members.
Agenda Item Board Exhibit
I. Review of NARI Challenges
Decreasing Membership
Deficit Spending
Purpose of retreat is to discuss solutions and plan activities that will implement those solutions successfully
II. Desired Retreat Outcomes:
Board as a whole (versus committees) agrees to focus on:
Determine the goal and objectives for each committee for 2015
/John M
Focus on ways to increase revenue (membership, special events,
Create budgets for each committee so the budget committee can
create a balanced budget for 2015, which they will bring to the
board for their vote at the next Board meeting.
Ways to continue to communicate the value of NARI both
internally and externally.
III. Overview of 2015 Strategic plan July Board Retreat
1. Review what we accomplished, what we did not and what we
want to attempt for 2016.
A. Go through each committee very quickly.
· What has been accomplished
· What has not
· Determine a new realistic goal
John M, Eric,
July Retreat
Notes/Strategic Plan
Page 3
IV. Finalize the Strategies and activities for each priority
· What must be done for 2016 to achieve the goals
· Are there National recommendations we should implement
· Do we have to do anything different to meet Chapter
· Who is going to do what
How will we know we will be successful
Chapter Standards
Page 9
Dougs Notes from
the National Meeting
Page 11
Planning Retreat Agenda Template
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